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Aritar is a charming hamlet that is tucked away on the Himalayan foothills in the eastern Sikkim district at a height of 4915 feet. Aritar is situated on the route of the ancient Silk Route, about 63 kilometers from Gangtok. Aritar is renowned for its picturesque terrain, which features intimidating hills in the midst of a lush green forest and a meandering river stream. Aritar, a newly discovered splendid location in East Sikkim’s Rongli subdivision, has captured the attention of tourists visiting Sikkim with its alluring charm.

Isolated from the rest of the state, on the far eastern border of Sikkim and bounded by Mt Kanchenjunga, Aritar has become the ideal getaway destination for travelers who are looking forward to spending some time away from the hassle of city life. Endowed with lush green forests, sweeping hills of paddy fields and placid lakes hidden inside deep forests make it a perfect destination for those in search of nature trails and a serene holiday.

Aritar Sightseeing Attractions

One added attraction of visiting Aritar is the mesmerizing view of Kanchenjunga. In Aritar, there are numerous locations to explore that offer breathtaking views, with Lampokhari being one of them. At a height of 4600 feet, Lampokhari Lake, often referred to as Aritar Lake, is one of Sikkim’s oldest natural lakes. The only lake where visitors can enjoy the convenience of boating in Aritar while appreciating the beauty of surrounding flora is the boot-shaped Lampokhari Lake, which is emerald green in colour. A short hike through the verdant forest takes visitors to Mankhim Dara, where there is a temple devoted to the Rai community. Tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of Sikkim’s towering alpine valley by making the short hike to Mankhim.

At an altitude of 4600ft is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim, Aritar Gumpa the perfect epitome of the finest yet traditional architecture. The monastery belongs to the Kagyuapa order of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery houses some of the best-craved architecture, painted murals, artifacts, ancient manuscripts, and monastic arts. Aritar Gumpa is famous for its beautifully carved traditional architecture. Dak Bungalow popularly known as Ari-Bangla is another famous sightseeing spot of Aritar. Aritar Dak Bungalow is an old British bungalow built by Sir James Claude White (the first political officer of Sikkim during British rule in India) in the year 1895. At the same premises, Sikkim’s first treasury was built as well as Sikkim Police was raised and the first outpost started functioning in the year 1897.

Why You Should Visit Aritar Once

Each tourist to Aritar will find something to enjoy, and the visitors can engage in leisure activities like paragliding and rock climbing while there. Aritar has grown to be one of the most popular tourist sites in Sikkim thanks to its abundance of natural beauty, the most stunning view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, and hiking trails through the deciduous forest leading to several picturesque spots.

Hotels and Homestays near Aritar Lake

Near Aritar Lake, there are hotels available to stay. In these hotels, travelers will get every kind of amenities they mostly require for their comfortable night stay. There are geysers, western-style toilets, and carpets in every room whether you choose a homestay or hotel. To be precise, you will surely love to spend a great holiday in Aritar.

How You Can Reach Aritar

RoadBy Road
By various rental vehicles, Aritar can be reached from Siliguri in around 5 hours. The closest town is Rhenock, which is 6 kilometers away. From Siliguri, the driving distance of around 110 km.
trainBy Train
New Jalpaiguri Junction is the closest railway station (NJP). From NJP, it will take 4 hours and 30 minutes to go to Aritar.
travellingBy Flight
Bagdogra Airport is closest (IXB) to Aritar. From Bagdogra Airport, it will take 5 hours to get here by a rented car.

Best time to visit Aritar

The summer season (mid-March to May), when the weather is nice and the sky is clear, is thought to be the most amazing time to enjoy Aritar’s surreal beauty and mesmerizing view of the snow-capped mountains. Since the route becomes more vulnerable to landslides during the rainy season, it is advisable to avoid it. So don’t wait. Let us plan a great Sikkim Tour Package for you including Aritar.

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