Chungthang Valley in Sikkim- Tour & Travel Guide


North Sikkim’s charming Himalayan hamlet of Chungthang is located at the meeting point of the Lachung Chhu and Lachen Chhu rivers. Chungthang has become one of the key establishments in the Sikkim region, perched at the height of 5780 feet. Chungthang valley, 96 kilometers from the busy metropolis of Gangtok, is regarded as a holy site that has been blessed by Guru Padmasambhava. The Lepcha language gave rise to the name Chungthang, which means “top valuable meadows.”

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Popular Attractions in Chungthang

Chungthang Valley, located in the northern part of Sikkim, is surrounded by mountains and is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna. In addition to its incredible bio-diversity, Chungthang is said to be the origin of the Sikkimese phrase “Demaong,” which means “the hidden valley of rice.” According to history, in the seventh century, Guru Rimpoche and Lepcha Chieftain Thekung Tek met in the Chungthang valley. Today, visitors can go to the Holy Guru Ihedu to view the foot and palm prints that the patron saint left on the rock where he rested.

There is a small patch of land here growing paddy every year. The nature-defying miracle is believed to be the blessing of Guru Padmasambhava who sprinkled a handful of grain on the spot which has sprouted paddy ever since, a rarity at that altitude. There is another legend in which it is believed that Guru Nanak Dev visited this place during his trip to China and Tibet. There is a tree in this town that is supposed to be grown where Guru Nanak Dev placed his stick. It is believed that the name Chungthang is derived from the Punjabi words Chunga and Sthan which means good place.

One cannot afford to overlook Chungthang while traveling in North Sikkim. The landscape of Chungthang is changing rapidly and is becoming a major settlement in North Sikkim. Apart from being famous as a nature-endowed place, Chungthang Valley also acts as a base for tourist who wants to explore the more high altitude destination of northern Sikkim like Lachen, Lachung, and Yumthang Valley and the journey towards this pictorial destination is through some beautiful hilly terrain.

Why You Should Visit Chungthang

Chungthang, with its unearthly legends and picturesque scenery, has become a must-visit destination for travelers who love to learn more about the mythical legends and venture upon the high-altitude destination of North Sikkim. It is located at the confluence of the two most beautiful rivers in Sikkim, the Lachen Chhu and the Lachung Chhu, the sacred valley surrounded by the intimidating mountains of the Himalayan Range. The Chungthang valley offers the unusual experience of seeing a green, luxuriant paddy field in the middle of a mountain valley.

How You Can Reach the Monastery

RoadBy Road
Mangan is not far from Chungthang. The village is easily accessible from Mangan by regular buses and taxis, which travel a distance of 30 kilometers.
trainBy Train
The majority of the other Sikkim sites, including Chungthang, can be reached by train from the New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP). The approximate distance from NJP to Chungthang is 170 kilometers.
travellingBy Flight
The Bagdogra Airport is the one that is closest to Chungthang. From Bagdogra Aiport, the approximate distance to the village is 175 kilometers.

Best time to visit Chungthang

It’s a good idea to avoid traveling during the rainy season as the roads become more susceptible to landslides after heavy rainfall, resulting in the blockage of the road. North Sikkim is renowned among tourists for being a cold destination, but at Chungthang valley the weather remains comfortable throughout the year. So, why are you waiting for? All you need is a well-planned tour itinerary to relish the beauty of Chungthang along with the other magnificent sites in Sikkim.

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