Jorethang, sited along the banks of meandering river Rangeet is an important trading town and transport hub of South Sikkim. River Rangeet acts as a natural border between Sikkim and West Bengal. Perched at an altitude of 300mt, Jorethang is located at a distance of 90km from Gangtok and 68km from Siliguri. In the recent few years Jorethang has become the hub for recreational sports making Jorethang a favored tourist destination among the adventurers from across the country.

Blessed with the daunting hills, rugged terrain of mountainous valley, lush alpine forest and meandering river streams, the state of Sikkim is an ideal destination for travelers in quest of fascination, composure or adventure. Lately Sikkim has emerged as a favored spot for adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing and white river rafting in the North-East region of India. There are few places in the landlocked state which is an ideal place for relishing in these thrilling activities and one of those places is Jorethang. Previously Jorethang used to acts only as a trading town but since Sikkim emerged as a hub for adventureactivities, Jorethang has been getting lots of tourists who want to indulge themselves in the thrilling adrenaline pumping adventure sport. Situated along the meandering river Rangeet, a tributary of the Teesta River, Jorethang is an ideal destination to partake in the white river rafting. Jorethang also provides a wide scope for trekking into the remote mountain villages of Sikkim. Here one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the peaks.Within the town, the Bridge over Rangeet is another local attraction. The cantilever bridge and its surrounding are visited by locals as well as tourists and the area acts as the main promenade of the town. One may also take a walk on the road besides the river or spend some time on the river bank while in town. But that’s not all in January is the biggest and most awaited date in Jorethang’s calendar is the Jorethang Maghe Mela. It is a major event, attracting hordes of locals and tourists. The mela is said to have evolved from the agricultural fair that was held in Jorethang for the first time in 1955. Hundreds of stalls selling and exhibiting various products are put up for the huge number of people who visit the fair. It is a great mix of local cultural extravaganza as well as modern day entertainment. Jorethang with its lively, thrilling yet serene ambiance has captured the heart of travelers around the globe making it a must visit destination of Sikkim.

Strategically located amidst the mountainous valley of Sikkim beside the meandering river Rangeet, is a hot tourist destination of the western district, Jorethang. If you want to try something thrilling and adventurous in Sikkim while basking in the surreal Himalayan beauty then Jorethang is the ideal destination for you. With white river rafting on the river Rangeet and trekking route across through the lush forested area, Jorethang has become the hub for adventurer looking forward to indulge themselves in some nerve wrecking sport for the experience and moments that last life time.

Best time to visit Jorethang

To make most the Jorethang trip the best time to visit Jorethang is during mid- February to May end when the weather is soothing and during mid- September to mid January when it’s ideal to partake in adventurous sport and enjoy the biggest event of Jorethang Maghe Mela.

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