Overlooking the mighty Himalayan range at an elevation of 3000mt in the Eastern region of Sikkim is a serene hamlet called Zuluk or Dzuluk. Located 98km from the bustling town Gangtok on the historic Silk Route, Zuluk is one of the less trodden destinations of Sikkim. Silk Route was an ancient network of trade routes that for centuries were central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the East and West from China to the Mediterranean Sea. Strategically located on the Silk Route, Zuluk has become the base for travelers who wants venture further upon the higher destinations like Nathang Valley, Kupup and Tsomgo Lake.

Nestled in the lower Himalayas, Zuluk is the first hamlet on the Silk Route to offer home stay facilities which has made it grab the attention of tourist travelling to eastern Sikkim. The unparalleled view of Eastern Himalayan range offered from Zuluk has ensnared the hearts of tourist traveling to Zuluk. The journey towards this scenically blessed hamlet Zuluk is filled with pictorial sights. Traveling through the mountainous valley dotted with alpine forest towards the rugged terrains on the spiraling road while being accompanied by the view of snow capped Himalayan range is the visual treat for the tourists offered during the ecstatic journey towards Zuluk. The unique location with extreme climatic condition has kept Zuluk hidden from the horde of tourists. The surreal beauty of Zuluk is more enhanced by the spiraling road of 32 hair pin bend sprawled on the mountainous valley. There is a place called Ganek, which is situated at an altitude of 10600 ft which is famous for its exquisite view of sunrise at dawn. The rising of the sun is a phenomenal experience which cannot be described in words but can only be felt. And the sunset from this point is an awe-inspiring scene when snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas along with the guardian of the Sikkim, Mt. Khangchendzongha make an excellent showcase in the entire north. Thambi view point located 14km from Zuluk through the uphill zigzag road spiraling on the mountain offers an amazing vista of dense forested area with the awe-inspiring back drop view of Eastern Himalayan range. Some parts of those forests are still untouched by human. The dense forest area consists of wild animals like Deer, Himalayan Bears, Wild Dogs, Red Pandas, Tigers and Snow Leopard. The keen eyes of bird watchers visiting Zuluk may also spot Monal Pheasant, Khaleez Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Snow Pheasant and many more. Lungthang is another destination near Zuluk where tourist can see local nag temple.The temple has a cave like structure and the deity of King Cobra or Nag, famous Hindu mythical god is worshipped in the temple. From witnessing a surreal view of snow capped and travelling upon the iconic 32bend spiraling road, Zuluk with its serene ambiance and heart swelling hospitality has become a favored tourist destination of east Sikkim, whilst it is also a good alternative for the tourist who can’t travel long distance ofNorthern region of Sikkim.

Inflate your lung with the refreshing mountains air at a place from the mundane city life, and watch an outstanding sunrise revealing the entire eastern Himalayas. Zuluk a quaint hamlet of eastern Sikkim with its surreal view of snow clad mountain has bewitched the mind of many travelers. Zuluk has become the safe haven for the tourists who are looking for the retreat amidst the mountain while experiencing the true Himalayan hospitality. The beauty of Zuluk cannot be expressed by any word or phrase but can only be felt and experienced through visiting Zuluk.

Best time to visit Zuluk

Every season has its own charisma to relish in Zuluk, just after the rainy season in September the valleys of Zuluk get covered with vibrant color riot of wild flowers. In April and early May, Zuluk is covered in blooming Rhododendrons and the winter months witness around 6 feet of snow. If you are aiming for the most memorable sunrise of your lifetime, then visit during the winters when the sky remains clear.

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