Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake

Nestled on the foothills of snowcapped mountains at an elevation of 5183mt in Sikkim is one of the highest altitude lakes of world, Gurudongmar Lake. Gurudongmar Lake located 173km from the bustling town Gangtok near Indo-China border is considered as a sacred lake by both Buddhist and Hindu community. The emerald blue water of Gurudongmar Lake is believed to have miraculous properties making it a pilgrim centre for many devotees and believers. Gurudongmar Lake is named after Guru Padmasambava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, founder of Tibetan Buddhism who visited the lake in the 8th century.

Sited on the north east region of Khangchendzonga range, Gurudongmar Lake is located only 5 km south of the Chinese Border. The view of emerald blue glacial lake cuddled amidst the snow clad mountain is a sight to be adorned while visiting Gurudongmar Lake. It is an enthralling view which has left many tourists awe-stricken by its beauty. Gurudongmar Lake is one of the four sources of water to river Teesta (Pauhunri and Zemu glaciers and Cholamu Lake are the other three). There are many myth and legend about Gurudongmar Lake. In the past Gurudongmar Lake used to remain frozen for most parts of the year and the natives were unable to utilize its water. The people of the area prayed to Padmasambava to help them on his way back from Tibet. Legend has it that he touched a part of the lake and to this day, that section of the lake does not freeze no matter how low the temperature gets. Another tale mentions that Sikh Guru Nanak has blessed the lake when he visited Sikkim. People believe that the lake grants wishes to pregnant women who pays a visit.This lake is a landmark of northern door to enter into the Hidden Land of Demojong. The spiritual attraction around the lake is the Sarva Dharma Stala, a place of worship for people of all religions. Though the lake is located near Mangan, most travelers prefer to stay at Lachen because it is better connected with other destinations. The journey towards this sacred lake is a long yet blissful journey filled with pictorial sights. The scenic view of changing vegetation and landscape is pleasure to the sore eyes of travelers. Traveling on the steep and spiraling road with the view of lush meadows changing into the rugged terrain, where mountain goats and yak grazing the land, to reach Gurudongmar Lake has a charm of its own. Being located at a high altitude there are only few tourists visiting Gurudongmar Lake. Trekking towards this sacred lake through the rugged terrain of mountainous valley is one of the famous activities of the adventurer traveling to Sikkim. The astounding trek towards Gurudongmar Lake starts from Zero point and Nathula, the second highest mountain pass. Blessed with scenic beauty and stunning surroundings, Gurudongmar lake is perfect for photography enthusiasts. Capturing the charm of this emerald lake and encompassing landscape in camera is something that visitors would love to do. The surreal beauty of Gurudongmar Lake cannot be described through words.

A place far from the maddening crowd where visitors can fill their mind with the serenity while been enthralled by the surreal natural beauty, Gurudongmar Lake cuddled on the foothills of snow capped mountain is the destination where visitors can experience it all. The panoramic vista of emerald blue lake enclosed by the snow peaked mountains has left travelers speechless. Experience the thrill of traveling and seeing one of the highest altitude lakes, Gurudongmar Lake, while making a trip towards Sikkim.

Best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake

The best to visit Gurudongmar Lake is considered during spring season March to May when the weather is suitable for travelling to Gurudongmar Lake without any hassle. Extra precaution must be taken while traveling during raining season since the road of hilly region become more prone to landslide after a heavy rainfall.

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