Perched at an altitude of 3670ft in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas is the smallest settlement of the eastern district of Sikkim, Pakyong. After the construction of Greenfield Airport on the approval of Central government of Sikkim, Pakyong has gained its importance amongst the travelers visiting Sikkim. The name Pakyong is derived from the Lepcha word where the word “pa yong” means “bamboo of the bow”. Earlier it was a common practice of the Lepcha people to name a place after the essential items found at the place.

Located 30km from the bustling town Gangtok, Pakyong the upcoming tourist destination of eastern Sikkim has lot to offer to its visitors along with a soothing weather and astounding beauty. The limelight to this quaint town was brought by the first Greenfield Airport of Sikkim constructed by Punj Lloyd. The hilly region of Pakyong is ideal for agricultural practices. Sharing its border with Bhutan and Tibet, Pakyong is surrounded by many mountainous picturesque hamlets like Namcheypong, Raigoan, Pachey, Samsing, Dikling, Pachak, Pacheykhani, Dugalakha, Karthok and many more. Agriculture plays an important role in the life of people of Pakyong and they usually produce ginger and round chilies (dalle khursani) on a large scale. Along with ginger and round chilies, goondruk, Kinema, Sinki are popular fermented foods sold in the local market of Pakyong. Apart from being blessed with natural resources, Pakyong also has many pictorial destinations in and around it which may hype the interest of tourist traveling to Pakyong. Pakyong with its serene ambiance house many sacred destinations Dikling mane-lakhang, Shivalaya temple, Pacheykhani cave, Changey monastery, Devi Mandir, Karthok monastery and Monks’ Retreat Centre. Tourist can let themselves be immerged in the tranquil ambiance while basking in the sight of fluttering player flags and lush Rolling Meadows dotted with tall conifer and pine trees in Pakyong.The serene hamlet has its own market place and on weekdays known as Wednesday Bazar 'hart', it is a place where tourist can buy organic vegetable while trying some local Sikkimese delicacy. Wednesday Bazar is a popular local attraction of Pakyong. RDD complex located in the virgin valley is another favored destination of Pakyong. Surrounded with pine trees and a small park, the best time to visit RDD complex is considered as the winter season when the little frost is covering the pine trees making it look like an enchanted place. Visitors can go for trekking to Jhandi dara, which is located at top most part of Pakyong and see the amazing view of adjacent valley and snow capped mountains. It is around three hour journey by foot from main town. Noab gaon a place near Pakyong also called as the virgin valley is a great places to go for trekking. The serene hamlet Pakyong with its monasteries, astounding trekking trails and organic vegetation has lured visitors traveling to Sikkim. The simplicity of Pakyong has made it a safe haven for nature lover.

Lying in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas, Pakyong a quintessential hamlet of eastern district in Sikkim is endowed with surreal natural beauty. Dotted with the lush forest of pine and conifer trees and housing Green field airport, Pakyong has ensnared the heart of visitors who longs to be close to nature. Inflate your lungs with the wooded fragrance while enjoying the simple yet enthralling beauty of Pakyong while catching the glimpse of lifestyle of sikkimese farmers.

Best time to visit Pakyong

Every season has its own charm to relish in Pakyong but to make most of the trip to Pakyong, the best time to visit Pakyong is considered during winter season (mid November to January) when visitors can enjoy an unparalleled view of lofty valley and snow capped mountains enclosing Pakyong. It is best to avoid traveling in rainy season as the roads become more prone to landslide after a heavy rainfall.

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