Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Mountain Biking

A mountain bike is for you if you wish to ride trails in the great outdoors. After tackling the rough terrains on a two-wheeler, taking in the majestic vista of the Himalayan Range and being caressed by the fresh, chilly mountain air may be incredibly reviving. Sikkim has become North-East India’s center for adventurers thanks to its rich deciduous woods and steep treks. When cycling through Sikkim’s verdant hills and valleys, one may discover the local flora, animals, and authentic culture while taking in the breathtaking views of the beautiful snow-capped Sikkim’s Himalayan Range.

The excitement of ascending to a high altitude range while taking in scenic surroundings might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mountain biking has become a well-known adventure activity in Sikkim, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. Lachen and the adjacent hamlets provide a variety of scenic trails for leisurely rides around mountain lakes and through little settlements like Tsomgo Lake and Pelling, as well as thrilling mountain biking routes. The steepest, bumpiest, and most leisurely cycling routes are all available in Sikkim’s hilly valley, ranging in elevation from 4000 meters (m) to 600 meters (m), respectively, for mountain bikers.

What Makes Mountain Biking in Sikkim Amazing

Mountain biking in Sikkim enables the adventurer to travel through the well-maintained streets of the busy town of Gangtok towards gravelly trails in a tranquil setting with a view of the shifting scenery to take in the surreal Himalayan splendor.

It can be an unforgettable experience to ride a mountain bike through challenging routes while taking in the picturesque views of meandering river streams, waterfalls, and majestic snow-capped mountains. Watching mountain biking can be just as thrilling as participating in it. You can enjoy the thrill of mountain riding while discovering the hidden Himalayan beauty in the rocky valley of Sikkim, whether you’re an avid mountain biker or just looking for an action-packed day out.

Best Mountain Biking Trails in Sikkim

Some of the Best Mountain Biking Trails in Sikkim are-

  • Gangtok – Ranka – Martam
  • Gangtok- Phodong- Rangrang- Dikchu Makha- Sirwani- Temi
  • Gangtok- Rumtek- Sang- Sirwani- Temi- Namchi- Namthang- Rangpo
  • Gangtok- Rumtek- Sangh- Sirwani- Temi- Namchi- Jorethang- Melli
  • Gangtok- Rumtek- Sang- Sirwani- Temi- Damthang- Rabong- Kewzing- Tashiding- Yusum- Pelling- Dentam- Rinchenpong- Soreng- Sombaria- Jorthang- Namchi- Rangpo.

Dos and Dont's While Mountain Biking in Sikkim

While mountain biking in Sikkim, these are the dos and don’ts you must follow-

  • Keep novice riders in the center of the group and stop frequently for breaks.
  • While riding, don’t break any traffic signals.
  • Make sure to wear warm yet light clothes.
  • Follow all directional signs and traffic signals while riding.
  • Never follow the support vehicle when riding.
  • Obey the leader of the riding team’s directions.
  • Never presume that drivers will see you while driving conservatively.
  • Never leave the team without telling the leader before going alone.

Best time for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is thought to be most enjoyable between the months of March and May and October and December in Sikkim, a high-altitude resort. In Sikkim, the weather is ideal at this time of year for taking part in any outdoor activity. Since the routes are more vulnerable to landslides during the rainy season, it is recommended to avoid them. So why are you waiting? Plan your mountain biking tour with Sikkim Adventure Tourism soon.

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